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Andre Pettipas and the Giants

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Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada; Andre Pettipas and The Giants bring you sing along anthem songs with ear worm hooks that will reel you in and release you into a musical wave of their signature “Grease Coast Rock N’ Roll.” No frills rock n’ roll heavily influenced by 90’s rock/pop mixed with classic rock lovability.

Brothers, Andre and Travis Pettipas join long-time friend, Mark Cosh to complete the harmony driven trio. Their live show is full of antics that will keep your head out of your cellphone and engaged on the stage. Picture Tom Petty meeting up with The Black Crowes for a writing session but Axl Rose crashes the party and gets his two cents in whenever he can. AP and The Giants landed the 2017 Q104 homegrown title and have been slowly building their fan base with tours across Canada and showcasing in Sweden for “Live At Heart” this passed September in support of recent single, “The Swedish Motel.” The band also landed opening slots for The Trews, Matt Mays, Wintersleep, Joel Plaskett and Big Sugar during this time.

There is only one word that comes to mind when you see Andre on stage… showman. Musical talent aside this young man has presence that is reminiscent of a young Brian Setzer, working the stage and the room with an irresistible charisma. It’s not all theatrics with these boys though, they do have the musical chops to go with it." - B Lynn Hartling//Canadian Beats